Hollow Shaft Stepper Motor

Hollow Shaft Stepper Motor for Bespoke Ballscrew or Leadscrew

LoopMotion are professional manufacturer of Hollow Shaft Stepper Motors from China, ranges of our hollow shaft stepping motors are Nema8, Nema11, Nema14, Nema17 and Nema34, these would be for design flexibility and great selections of your own bespoke ballscrew or leadscrew.


Threaded Rod Stepper Motor

Stepper Motor Linear Actuators

Linear Actuators, just as the name implies, is a kind of actuator for linear motions.
Threaded Rod Stepper Motor is a kind of high efficient n price reasonable product for linear motions in applications.


Ultra-thin Stepper Motor

Ultra-thin stepper motor which owns high torque and speeds up to 4500rpm, is specially designed for feeder of pick n place machine in the semiconductor industry.